Страдательный залог

Passive voice

1. In Canada and New Zealand, two official languages ___________(speak).
2. The book __________________________two years ago( write).
3. New Year _____________________in most countries( celebrate).
4. Those novels ___________________only after the writer’s death(publish)
5. Usually journalists _________________to the different ceremonies (invite).
6. All the participants___________________ the prizes last week (award).
7. He ________________ a lot of questions in the exam yesterday (ask).
8. I liked this salad! What _____ it ________from? (make) .

1. They built that bridge in 1996.
2. People buy a lot of sweets every day.
3. Astronomers discovered two new planets.
4. These two teams will play the game on Sunday.
5. Tourists spend a lot of money in London for souvenirs.

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