Для старшеклассников

Проверь себя ( формат ОГЭ)

People … (1) for thousands of years. A lot of books are … (2) about courageous travellers and
their adventures. Travelling was rather dangerous in the old days and merchants who
… (3) their ships off on long trading voyages never knew how many of them … (4).
It’s much easier to travel nowadays. A lot of people, business people especially, prefer
travelling by air .. . (5) travelling by cars or trains. It saves time, and time is money.
As for me, I try to avoid travelling by plane since I get .. . (6). I also don’t like … (7) by sea.
The train is the one means of transport I really enjoy. Two years ago, we went to Vladivostok
and it was a pretty long trip, but I enjoyed it very much. We passed many different regions, and
the passengers . . . (8) enjoy beautiful views. When the train stopped at the little stations, we
… (9) some local food: berries, fish, pies, and some … (10) tasty boiled potatoes.


  1. a) were travelling  b) travelled   c) have been travelling  d) had been travelling
  2. a) written              b) writing        c) wrote d) write
  3. a) send                 b) sent             c) was sending d) was sent
  4. a) will return          b) should return c) can return d) would return
  5. a) on                      b) and                c) to d) rather than
  6. a) air afraid           b) flightsick            c) seasick d) airsick
  7. a) travel                b) have travelled     c) travelling d) travelled
  8. a) could                b) should c) may d) were able to
  9. a) are offered        b) had been offered c) were offered d) offered
  10. a) unbelievable      b) unbelievably c) believe d) unbelieving

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