Прямая и косвенная речь

Direct speach

1. My mom told me that a friend of mine had called on me half an hour before/
2. He said that he studied at Moscow University/
3. She said her brother was playing chess with granddad then.
4. George asked if it had been difficult to play that role.
5. We wanted to know why there were so few people in the street.
6. The woman told him not to worry and go home quietly.
7. They said that they would sleep in the open air.
8. She wondered if I was going to leave SPb the next day.
9. He told me he had bought his shoes the day before.
10. Ann asked when I had seen that film.

1. She asked her brother: “ Will you manage to get tickets to this concert?”
2. My aunt said: “ I haven’t seen this film and want to see it very much tomorrow.”
3. He wondered: “ Why did our team lose this game?”
4. Our uncle told us: “ I’m proud of my brother who took the first prize in the competition.”
5. “Please don’t take the books from my table”- said Lena to me.
6. The man said to us “ My dog is very clever and he won’t do you any harm.”
7. My friend told me: “ The discussion will still be going on when you return.”
8. She answered: “ My father has just left.”
9. He asked me: “ When will your parents arrive here?”
10. “ Help me with this exercise”- asked my sister.

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