Речевая разминка в начальной школе

Использование рифмовок при изучении английского языка
в начальной школе


Цель: научить детей здороваться и прощаться, обращаться друг к другу по имени, познакомить с английскими именами и узнать свое имя произнесенное по-английски.

Языковой материал:
1. Hello Peter, hello Adam,
Hello Anne, hello Helen.
Hello Ruth and hello David,
Hello Willy and hello Billy.

We are glad you are here,
We are glad you are here!
Where is Peter? Where is Adam?
Where is Anne? And where is Helen ?
Are they here? Yes, they are here!

2. Hi! Hello!
How are you?
It’s so good to see you.
And I’m so glad to meet you!

3. Good morning, Good morning Good morning to you!
Good morning my friends ( our guest)
I’m ( we are) glad to see you!

4. Goodbye girls,
Goodbye boys,
Goodbye children
It’s time to go home.

5. Goodbye Father
Goodbye Mother
Kiss your little Son
Goodbye Sister
Goodbye Brother
Goodbye everyone!

6. If you are (Rosie) and you know it
Clap your hands, please.
If you are ( Kate) and know it
Stamp your foot, please.
If you are ( Den) and know it
Stand up, please.
If you are ( Max) and you know it
Say “ Okay”, please.

7. Where is Thomas?
He is (I am) sitting next to David.
Where is David?
He is (I am) sitting next to Anne?
Where is Anne?………………………]


Цель: Способность понимания текста, ознакомление со структурами предложений отличных от русских, повторение притяжательных местоимений
Языковой материал:

1 Goodbye( night) Father- Goodbye Mother
Kiss your little son
Goodbye Sister- Goodbye Brother
Goodbye everyone!

2. This is our (my, his, her their) mother,
This is our father,
This is our sister,
This is our brother.

3. Goodbye( night) Dad-Goodbye Mum
Kiss your little son
Goodbye Granny- Goodbye Grandad
Goodbye everyone!


Цель: познакомить детей с названиями профессий, формирование чувства ритма и интонационных навыков, познакомить с конструкциями в будущем и настоящем времени.

Языковой материал:

1. Cook, doctor, tailor.
Fireman, soldier, sailor
Teacher, driver, policeman
Pilot, builder and postman

2. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man
Make me a cake as fast as you can.

3. (Patrik) was a postman,
Patrik was a postman
All day long.
He( she) posted all the letters
He posted all the letters
All day long, all day long.
( А Teacher – teach the children, А driver – drive a car, А builder – build a house)

4. I’ll be ( I want to be) a pilot,
I’ll be a doctor,
I’ll be a teacher,
I’ll be a worker.
5. — Тuk-tuk-tuk!
— Who are you?
— I am doctor «Ай-Болит»!
— Good morning!
— Good morning.
— How are you?
— I am bad.
— Take a thermometer, please.
— Oh, you are ill.
— I’m ill.
— Go to bed.
— I’m in bed.
— Drink hot milk.
— Yes, I like hot milk.
— Put a coat and a scarf on.
— Thank you.
— Good-bye.


Цель: Познакомить детей с праздниками в России и в англоговорящих странах, научить высказывать поздравления и пожелания, обучить лексическому материалу (речевым оборотам и фразам) по теме.

Языковой материал:

1.Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear ( Kitty)
Happy Birthday to you/

2. I wish you Merry Christmas
I wish you Merry Christmas
I wish you Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year!

3. New things to learn,
New friends to meet,
New songs to sing,
New books to read.
New things to see
New things to hear
New things to do
In this Happy New Year!

4. My dear, dear Mummy!
I love you very much.
I want you to be happy
On the 8th of March

5. The sky is blue, the sky is green Have you got a penny for Halloween? Ghosts and witches can be seen.
Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
Give us something good to eat!

Мои друзья

Цель: изучение новой лексики, ознакомление со спряжением глаголов в Present Simple , Progressive, Perfect. обучение групповой работе.

Языковой материал:

1. I’ ve got a friend.
We like to play,
We play together every day.
He always helps me
When I am in need.
He is my friend
Good friend indeed!
2. I am calling my friend
At half past three
They are very busy
They can’t come to me

Pete is reading a book,
Kate is learning to cook,
Pat is feeding her cat,
Jack is tidying his flat.

3. Бедный наш дикобраз ( бедный-бедный YOU)
Every day он ( ты) что-то does ( DO )
Вот и сейчас он ( ты ) moving
И что-то ( something) doing
Наверное Since morning
Он (ты) сам квартиру моет (моешь)
И вот уж три часа
He has been cleaning (YOU have been cleaning)
Так нельзя! Ведь во дворе его( твои) друзья
Они Are waiting. И тогда…
He says his Mum ( YOU say your Mum)
“ I have all done, и убегаю я к друзьям!”


Цель: отработка лексического материала, ознакомление с модальными глаголами, Present Progressive, обучение умению слышать вопрос и умению продолжить разговор.

Языковой материал:

1. I can (must) read, I can ( must) write.
I can (must) speak English too.
I am learning English now,
And what about you?

2. I am ( We are ) learning to write
And I am ( we are ) learning to spell.
And my (our) teacher says
That I am ( we are) doing it well.
( “ You are doing it well” )

3. Good, better, the best
Let us never rest.
Until our good is better
And our better is the best.

Funny school poems
Class Dismissed
by Bruce Lansky
We have broken all the blackboards
so the teachers cannot write.
We have painted all the toilets black
and all the lockers white.
We have torn up all the math books
and we’ve locked the school’s front door.
There won’t be school no more.
Glory, glory hallelujah!
School is closed now, what’s it to ya?
There won’t be no more homework
and there won’t be no more tests.
There won’t be school no more.

What to Remember in School
by Kenn Nesbitt
Forget that two times four is eight.
Forget the name of every state.
Forget the answers on the test.
Forget which way is east or west.
Forget the myths of ancient Rome.
Forget to bring your books from home.
Forget the words you learned to spell.
Forget to hear the recess bell.
Forget your homeroom teacher’s name.
Forget the after-school game.
Forget which team’s supposed to win.
Forget to turn your homework in.
Forget the distance to the moon.
Forget how many days in June.
Forget the capital of France.
But don’t forget to wear your pants!

Каникулы. Увлечения.

Цель: активизация лексики по теме, обучение навыкам работы в паре, развитие умения слушать собеседника и отвечать на вопросы, отработка употребления модального глагола “ can”.

Языковой материал:
1. You (we) can play football
Hockey, tennis, basketball.
You can jump and you can run
You can have a lot of fun!

2. “In winter I can ski and skate”
Says little Kate.
“ In summer I like to swim”
Says little Jim.
“And what do you do in autumn and spring?”
“In autumn and in spring
We like to dance and sing!”

3. She sells seashells by the seashore.
The shells she sells are surely seashells
So if she sells shells on the seashore
I am sure she sells seashore seashells

4. I fly like a bird, I swim like a fish,
I leap like a kangaroo.
I trot like a horse, I run like a hare,
I climb like a snake, I skip like a girl,
I hop like a frog and then
I clap my hands high, I clap my hands low
And begin it all over again.
5. I sail on the ocean, 6. Jimmy often rides his bike.
I swim in the sea, Peter sometimes walks his dogs.
I fly in the air, Wendy seldom cleans her room.
And the world’s all for me. Big storks always hunt green frogs.

Времена года. Погода

Цель: отработка лексического материала по теме “Seasons”, “Colours”, обучение некоторым речевым клише и грамматическим конструкциям в будущем времени.

Языковой материал:

1. Autumn is yellow.
Winter is white.
Spring is green.
Summer is bright!

2. Spring is here.
Summer is near.
Grass is green,
So nice and clean.

3. Yellow, blue, black, white,
Red, reddish, rose, light.
Dark, brown, green, grey
Like a cloudy rainy day.

4. The wind is cold.
The sky is blue.
Winter is coming
What are you going to do? ( I am going to do snowman, to go skiing, to skate ……)

5. If the weather is good,
I’ll go to the wood.
If the weather is bad,
I’ll stay in my flat.

6. Once there was a snowman.
The snowman was tall, tall, tall.
In the sun he melted, melted.
He became small, small, small.

7. Tell me please!
What does the wind do?
Where does the wind go?
When doesn’t it blow?

No one can tell me
Nobody knows,
Where the wind is from
Where the wind goes!

8.” What is it going to be today?
Rainy or sunny?”- the people say.
They look at the sky, all almost grey,
And understand- soon it will rain.

Любимое животное

Цель: заучивание ( и\или закрепление) названий животных на английском языке, развитие диалоговой формы работы, повторение счета, this\that and these\those, ознакомление с конструкциями повествовательных и вопросительных предложений в Past Simple.

Языковой материал:

1. This little cow eats grass
That little cow eats hay,
These little cows drink water,
Those little cows run away
But my little cow does nothing
She just lies down all day. Why?

2. Did you feed my dog (cow)?
-Yes, ma’am.
Could you tell me what (how)?
-Yes, ma’am.
What did you feed him (her)?
-Meat. (Corn)

3. One, two, three, four, five
Once I bought a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
And I let it go again.
“Why did you let it go?”
Because it bit my finger so.
“What finger did it bite?”
My little finger on the right.

4. Watch the dog! Watch!
He can play hopscotch!
Watch the dog! He runs for a frog.
His name is Mark. He likes to bark
Watch the cat! He runs for a rat.
His name is Nick.
He can play hide-and-seek.

5. These dogs are grey
Those cats are black
I like these dogs
I like those cats!

6. I have got a dog
His name is Jack.
His tail is red
His nose is black!
I fly like a bird, I swim like a fish,
I leap like a kangaroo.
I trot like a horse, I run like a hare,
I climb like a snake, I skip like a girl,
I hop like a frog and then
I clap my hands high, I clap my hands low
And begin it all over again.

Любимая еда

Цель: введение и\или закрепление лексики, отработка артикуляционных навыков, обучение умению включаться в разговор и умению составлять свой диалог по образцу, отработка диалоговой формы общения,

Языковой материал:

1. Bread and jam, bread and jam,
I like them.
Do you like them?
We both like bread and jam!
( fish and chips, bacon and eggs, ……..)

2. -Who took the cake from the baker’s shop?
— Masha took the cake from the baker’s shop.
— Who? Me?
— Yes, you!
— Not me!
-Then who?
— Vanya took the cake from the baker’s shop…….

( The chocolate, the sweets from the baker’s shop
The apple, the carrot from the greengrocer’s shop
The book, the chalk, the pen from the teacher’s desk etc.)

3. Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread
Spread it thick-say it quick
Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread
Spread it thicker-say it quicker
Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread
Now repeat it while you eat it
Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread
Don’t talk with your mouth full

4. Breakfast in the morning
Dinner in the day
Tea comes after dinner,
When it’s time to play.
Supper in the evening,
When the sky is red,
Then the day is over
And we go to bed.

5. I like to eat lots of honey,
Especially when days are sunny,
It’s sticky and thick,
So eat it up quick.

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