Прямая и косвенная речь

Direct speach

1. My mom told me that a friend of mine had called on me half an hour before/
2. He said that he studied at Moscow University/
3. She said her brother was playing chess with granddad then.
4. George asked if it had been difficult to play that role.
5. We wanted to know why there were so few people in the street.
6. The woman told him not to worry and go home quietly.
7. They said that they would sleep in the open air.
8. She wondered if I was going to leave SPb the next day.
9. He told me he had bought his shoes the day before.
10. Ann asked when I had seen that film.

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Слушаем и учимся

Lemon Tree

I am sitting here in the boring room

With just another rain in the afternoon,

I am wasting my time,

I have got nothing to do ,

I am hanging around,

I am waiting for you,

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Test 9

Проверь себя ( формат ОГЭ)

People … (1) for thousands of years. A lot of books are … (2) about courageous travellers and
their adventures. Travelling was rather dangerous in the old days and merchants (KYOI..\bI) who
… (3) their ships off on long trading voyages never knew how many of them … (4).
It’s much easier to travel nowadays. A lot of people, business people especially, prefer
travelling by air .. . (5) travelling by cars or trains. It saves time, and time is money.
As for me, I try to avoid travelling by plane since I get .. . (6). I also don’t like … (7) by sea.
The train is the one means of transport I really enjoy. Two years ago, we went to Vladivostok
and it was a pretty long trip, but I enjoyed it very much. We passed many different regions, and
the passengers . . . (8) enjoy beautiful views. When the train stopped at the little stations, we
… (9) some local food: berries, fish, pies, and some … (10) tasty boiled potatoes.

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Страдательный залог

Passive voice

1. In Canada and New Zealand, two official languages ___________(speak).
2. The book __________________________two years ago( write).
3. New Year _____________________in most countries( celebrate).
4. Those novels ___________________only after the writer’s death(publish)
5. Usually journalists _________________to the different ceremonies (invite).
6. All the participants___________________ the prizes last week (award).
7. He ________________ a lot of questions in the exam yesterday (ask).
8. I liked this salad! What _____ it ________from? (make) .

1. They built that bridge in 1996.
2. People buy a lot of sweets every day.
3. Astronomers discovered two new planets.
4. These two teams will play the game on Sunday.
5. Tourists spend a lot of money in London for souvenirs.

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Использование рифмовок при изучении английского языка
в начальной школе


Цель: научить детей здороваться и прощаться, обращаться друг к другу по имени, познакомить с английскими именами и узнать свое имя произнесенное по-английски.

Языковой материал:
1. Hello Peter, hello Adam,
Hello Anne, hello Helen.
Hello Ruth and hello David,
Hello Willy and hello Billy.

We are glad you are here,
We are glad you are here!
Where is Peter? Where is Adam?
Where is Anne? And where is Helen ?
Are they here? Yes, they are here!

2. Hi! Hello!
How are you?
It’s so good to see you.
And I’m so glad to meet you!

3. Good morning, Good morning Good morning to you!
Good morning my friends ( our guest)
I’m ( we are) glad to see you!

4. Goodbye girls,
Goodbye boys,
Goodbye children
It’s time to go home.

5. Goodbye Father
Goodbye Mother
Kiss your little Son
Goodbye Sister
Goodbye Brother
Goodbye everyone!

6. If you are (Rosie) and you know it
Clap your hands, please.
If you are ( Kate) and know it
Stamp your foot, please.
If you are ( Den) and know it
Stand up, please.
If you are ( Max) and you know it
Say “ Okay”, please.

7. Where is Thomas?
He is (I am) sitting next to David.
Where is David?
He is (I am) sitting next to Anne?
Where is Anne?………………………]

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Английский в фокусе для 10 класса

470- Англ. яз. 10кл. Spotlight (Англ. в фокусе)_Афанасьева О.В, Дули Дж, Михеева И.В. и др._2012 -248с

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Школьные новости

Всегда приятно находиться в кругу образованных людей.

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